2020 Global COVID-19 FinTech Regulatory Rapid Assessment Study

World Bank Group and University of Cambridge Image of Rapid Motion

Central banks and other financial regulators are countering COVID-19 challenges in regulating and overseeing FinTech and Digital Financial Services (DFS) activities. FinTech and DSF are important to extend access to financial services to millions of consumers and MSMEs around the world. With the pandemic severely impacting the global economy and FinTech undertakings, regulations and supervisions have been impacted, as well. 

This publication is produced by The World Bank and the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, and is authored by Philip Rowan (CCAF), Margaret Miller (World Bank), Bryan Zhang (CCAF), Sharmista Appaya (World Bank), Sarah Ombija (CCAF), Aleem Mubarak Tejani (CCAF), Dea Markova (CCAF), Daphnée Papiasse (CCAF), Herman Smit (CCAF) and Thomas Ward (CCAF).

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