Credit Bureau Cambodia (CBC) joins the SME Finance Forum as Cambodia’s only credit risk firm driving financial inclusion through transparent credit reporting

Credit Bureau Cambodia (CBC) joins the SME Finance Forum as Cambodia’s only credit risk firm driving financial inclusion through transparent credit reporting

Washington D.C., August 4, 2022Credit Bureau Cambodia (CBC) joins the SME Finance Forum as the newest member of our global membership network. Our members are SME financing experts from 80+ countries who share the common goal of expanding access to finance to small businesses worldwide through knowledge exchange and innovation.  

“When we started in 2012, we were in an exploratory phase for the first few years. Since 2016, we’ve been implementing our mission to build a global membership to support better SME financing, and since then, we’ve established a network with over 240 active member institutions, which operate in over 190 countries sharing the common purpose of helping under-served enterprises. We are delighted to welcome Credit Bureau Cambodia to further grow our mission.” said Matthew Gamser, CEO of the SME Finance Forum.

Credit Bureau Cambodia is a financial data technology company and the only credit reporting service provider in Cambodia. It was established in 2012 with close support from the National Bank of Cambodia, Association of Banks in Cambodia, Cambodia Microfinance Association and the International Finance Corporation. Currently, in addition to serving a member base of 180 financial institutions, CBC also offers a diverse range of Value-Added Services including Data Analytics Report, Credit Risk Heat Map, Portfolio Monitoring Service, Portfolio Services, K-Score, Employment Check and Scorecard Development as well as customized solutions.  

"By joining the SME Finance Forum, we hope to gain access to a vast network of thought leaders and benchmarking intelligence that will allows us to better serve our customers as the only credit reporting agency in Cambodia”, said Oeur Sothearoath, Chief Executive Officer of Credit Bureau Cambodia.   


About SME Finance Forum  

The SME Finance Forum was established by the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) in 2012 as a knowledge center for data, research, and best practice in promoting SME finance. As an implementing partner for the GPFI, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) was tasked with managing the initiative. The Forum operates a global membership network of +240 members that brings together financial institutions, technology companies, and development finance institutions to share knowledge, spur innovation, and promote the growth of SMEs.  

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About Credit Bureau Cambodia (CBC) 

Credit Bureau Cambodia (CBC) is the leading provider of information, analytical tools and credit reporting services to organizations and consumers in the Kingdom of Cambodia. CBC assists customers in managing the risk and reward of commercial and financial decisions. Using a comprehensive suite of credit reporting tools they foster an understanding of individuals, markets, and the Cambodian economy. They help organizations find, develop, and manage customer relationships to make their businesses more profitable. CBC promotes greater financial stability by providing accurate real time data to consumers and industry that helps them control the financial aspects of their business. They help businesses in Cambodia manage credit risk, prevent fraud, and automate decision-making. CBC also helps individuals in Cambodia to check their credit report to ensure they have access to loans and finance. 


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