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Our events

Empowering Sustainable Business Globally Through Data-Driven Solutions

07 April 2015
12 : 00
13 : 00
( GMT +00:00 )
Webinar + IFC building in Washington DC
Empowering Sustainable Business Globally Through Data-Driven Solutions

Join us for a talk and Q&A session with speakers from HealRWorld and Dun and Bradstreet.

HealRWorld™ is the first global platform to aggregate sustainability information (People, Planet, Profit) throughout the global business ecosystem. It has a unique emphasis on small & mid-sized enterprises to power new products, drive revenues & foster positive change.

Dun and Bradstreet is the world's leading source of commercial information and insights on businesses.

Speakers from HealRWorld include:
Michele Bongiovanni, CEO
Mark Aryaeenia, Strategic advisor
Tom Cochrain, Senior Advisor

Speakers from Dun and Bradstreet include:
Andy Kahn, Director of Business Development
Robin Davies, Leader, Data Innovation

Xin Yuan, Senior Leader, Emerging Analytics

Powerpoint presentation shown during the webinar

HealRWorld video presentation

Video recording of the webinar

Material to learn more about HealRWorld:

HealRWorld factsheet: Sustainability is becoming a major factor in global business
White Paper: The Pivotal Role of Small and Mid-Sized Businesses in Driving Global Sustainability
Press article from The Cornerstone: The Importance of Sustainable SMEs and the Role of Women Leading this Movement
Presentation: Initial Metrics on the HealRWorld Database


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