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Our events

Global SME Finance Forum 2024

16 - 18 September 2024
8 : 30
18 : 30
-03 ( GMT
Sao Paulo - Grand Hyatt Hotel
Global SME Finance Forum 2024

The Global SME Finance Forum 2024

The central theme of the 2024 conference is how the disruptive emergence of AI tools and technologies will shape and accelerate the twin digital-sustainable transitions toward scaling SME Finance.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, regulators and financiers have seen that a successful shift towards digitalization and sustainability within the SME sector is crucial for enabling SMEs to access finance, achieving the UN SDG and securing our global future. These trends powered by AI offer a unique combination of enabling factors that can augment SME finance, however, there needs to be concerted and coordinated effort involved for all relevant stakeholders. This conference will examine the interdependence between these transitions and solutions in SME finance and their potential to reinforce each other.

A special focus will be placed on the application of AI in SME finance as a key technological development reshaping the industry. The growth of AI as a practical tool is suggesting new paths toward sustainability, as well as novel challenges to financial inclusion. The conference sessions will delve into both the opportunities and threats presented by the coming wave of disruptive AI. However, we would not limit the focus to AI, digital, and sustainability issues but also discuss broader elements making it a holistic SME finance conference.     

Owing to the G20 Presidency, we are scheduled to hold the conference in São Paulo, Brazil, which is also the financial center of the country. Brazil, with a population of 215.3 million, provides the ideal venue for this meeting, due to its status as a hub for industry frontrunners such as Nubank, one of the world’s largest digital financial services platforms serving 94 million customers, and the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), a global leader in clean energy financing, among others.
Brazil has a lively ecosystem of digital banks and FinTechs including C6, Neon, Banco Inter, Agibank, Banco Original, PicPay, Stone. Moreover, the Central Bank of Brazil’s electronic payment scheme Pix, launched in November 2020, has successfully reduced reliance on cash, increased financial inclusion, and allowed for tracking payments and economic activity by geographical region, user characteristics, and transaction types.
In addition, the SME Finance Forum, being a G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion’s strategic partner, supports the Brazil government's efforts in developing the SME Finance Action Plan.


The agenda is available HERE.


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Event Partners

The Global SME Finance Forum 2024 is organized in partnership with the Brazilian G20 Presidency, the Brazilian Ministry of Entrepreneurship, Microenterprise and Small Business (MEMP), with support from Brazil Development Bank (BNDES) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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About Global SME Finance Forum

The Global SME Finance Forum is the flagship annual event of the SME Finance Forum, a network of over 300 of the leading banks, NBFIs, Fintech companies, credit guarantee agencies, development banks, and industry associations created by the G20 countries and managed by the International Finance Corporation.
The Global SME Finance Forum is the world’s leading, technically oriented, geographically diverse platform focused solely on scaling SME financing.
GSMEFF takes place in a different country each year (usually G20 presidency country), attracting C-level industry leaders from 80-100 countries, and leading policymakers and regulators.
The meeting is known for bringing to the forefront key trends and innovations in the field, from examining the potential for bank-fintech partnerships back in 2015 (when most were talking about bank-fintech competition), to focusing on bringing green and sustainable financing down to the SME level in recent years’ gatherings.

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