How Fintechs Can Profit from the Multi-Trillion-Dollar Female Economy

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Women represent the world’s largest and fastest-growing market but are mostly disregarded and underserved in the financial industry, especially women in fintechs. The industry has unnoticed the distinct needs and preferences of women and in doing so, there is a loss of trillions of dollars. By addressing the unmet needs of women, fintechs can gain gratified female customers and tap into a market of more than $216 trillion. But this needs to be done in collaboration with financial institutions, policymakers, investors, and other ecosystem players who are interested in being a partner. 

To learn more about this report from the Financial Alliance for Women, which was authored by Syed Musheer Ahmed, Yosha Gupta, Inez Murray, Karyl Akilian, Rebecca Ruf, Carine Fersan and Tessa Ruben, read more here >. 

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