Access Premium Members Only Content Via Our Member Portal!

SMEFF Member Portal

The members of the SME Finance Forum now have access to a member-only portal available through our main website!

On that new space, members can explore exclusive content such as event proceedings, webinar write-ups, publications and blogs.

The intranet is the perfect space to explore more in-depth all the knowledge products we have compiled for our members: conference e-book, conference videos and write-ups as well as webinar recordings and presentations.

Members who wish to access the portal need to follow those simple steps:

  1.  Sign up using an email address and create your own password.
  2. The system will send you a validation email. Please confirm you want to access the members-only portal.
  3. Your request to join will be reviewed and validated provided you are part of one of our member institutions.
  4. You will get a confirmation email inviting you to sign-in with the credential you initially created.


Any issues accessing the members-only portal? We are here to help, please get in touch with Sarah Chataing

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