Industry Event: Speaking Role

Industry Event: Speaking Role

AFTECH Indonesia Workshop - Fintech Talk: Embracing Innovation in Payments System for MSMEs

23 November 2021
10 : 00
11 : 00
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MSMEs comprise of more than 90% of all businesses and workforce in Indonesia, hence it is often stated as the backbone of Indonesia’s economy. In an effort to enhance local MSMEs, the Indonesian government aims to digitize around 30 million MSMEs by 2021. Ladies and gentlemen, the webinar Fintech Talk “Embracing Innovation in Payments System for MSMEs" will among others explore current developments of Indonesian MSMEs as well as potentials of technologic innovation, namely payments systems fintech, in the effort t “upgrade” Indonesia’s MSMEs. This webinar will be held on:

Our CEO, Matt Gamser, participated in the Fintech Talk: Embracing Innovation in Payments System for MSMEs. For more information, visit under the “Agenda Program BFN” menu





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