Industry Event: Speaking Role

Industry Event: Speaking Role

COVID-19 and Women Microentrepreneurs: A Path Forward

11 March 2021
9 : 30
11 : 00
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International Women’s Day Panel 2021

Member FINCA Impact Finance is organizing a panel discussion moderated by  Andrée Simon, President and CEO. This year, on the week of International Women’s Day, they invite all of you who are passionate about gender equality and believe intentional outreach to women will be the foundation to rebuilding, to join them for a virtual panel and discussion on COVID’s effect on women and the road to recovery. FINCA will share the results of their research and response, but also to have an open conversation about how the Microfinance sector should respond.

Zar Wardak, Vice President & Division Director, FINCA Impact Finance
Mamie Kalonda, Directeur General, FINCA DRC
Scott Graham, Vice President, Research and Data Science
Lisa Kuhn, Social Performance Task Force
Event details: COVID-19 has blazed a path of destruction and devastation across the world, threatening to undo a decade of progress on poverty alleviation and financial inclusion. Women are at the center of this storm. Likewise, the pandemic posed unprecedented dangers to the health and safety of their households. At the same time, women’s livelihoods, which pay for necessities like food and school supplies, proved uniquely vulnerable to the economic disruptions occasioned by the pandemic. As a result, these disruptions can only worsen existing gender disparities, especially in parts of the world where women are already facing persistent barriers to equality.
As we emerge from the initial emergency phase of the pandemic, we believe that responsible financial institutions can smooth women’s pathway from crisis to recovery. Moreover, FSPs can even accelerate their progress towards financial health. These efforts will hinge on gender-intentional outreach initiatives, product and channel design, and women-focused digital financial inclusion. They are informed by our own crisis recovery efforts, along with global data that we have collected over the past year focusing on COVID-19, poverty and financial health.

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