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Our events

Members Only Study Visit to Topicus

09 October 2019
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14 : 00
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Members Only Study Visit to Topicus

Join us on October 9th for the Global SME Finance Forum 2019 to access study visits to financial institutions and fintechs for the opportunity to learn best practices from highly respected peers.

Topicus is a cloud-based business lending platform called Fyndoo that makes financing accessible, efficient and transparent for all parties involved. During the study tour we will tell you more about the last innovation in mortgages. The first crowdfund-mortgage of eastern Europe. How Topicus made this platform and disrupted the market. From there we will give some examples on how the crowd can also help with SME lending. At the last part we will give a demo how Fyndoo helps with evidence-based lending. 

(Priority access will be given to SME Finance Forum members and is on a first come first serve basis for non-members)

Study Tour Agenda