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Webinar - The Next Big Opportunity: The Women’s Market for Insurance

03 October 2017
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Webinar - The Next Big Opportunity: The Women’s Market for Insurance

The insurance industry is expected to earn more than US$1 trillion from women by 2030 - half of it from just 10 emerging economies. A large portion of this number is expected to come from women SME owners. Using research and real-world examples from banks and insurers that have successfully tapped into this fast-growing market, this webinar will explore the business opportunity as well as the most effective product and marketing changes that financial services organizations have made to tailor their insurance value propositions for women entrepreneurs. 


Opening Remarks:

Sharmila Hardi, Senior Manager FIG, IFC


About the speakers:

Marième Esther Dassanou, Women's Insurance Lead, Gender Secretariat, IFC

IFC's Women's Insurance program works with insurers to enhance their ability to profitably address the protection needs of women in emerging markets. Esther manages this program, which included leading IFC's contributions to the groundbreaking 2015 "She for Shield" report - an extensive study on the specific insurance needs of women. Esther will share key results of this study, what they mean for the business opportunity women SME owners represent for financial services providers and the modifications some insurers have made to successfully target the Women's Market. 

Anne Vigouroux, Senior Marketing Strategist, AXA

AXA is a world leader in insurance and asset management, serving 107 million individuals and businesses in 64 countries. Along with IFC and Accenture, AXA co-authored the "She for Shield" report. Anne will discuss how AXA is leveraging this research to grow its footprint with the Women's Market through women-owned SME initiatives in the UK, and what's next for AXA and the female economy. 

Pura Méndez, Women's Market Segment Manager, Banco BHD León

Widely recognized as a Women's Market best practice bank, Banco BHD León has seen great success with its insurance offerings for women SME owners. As head of the Women's Market at the bank, Pura will discuss the strategic rationale for tailoring their insurance products to women, the modifications they made to effectively serve women clients in this space, and the results that back up the bank's strong focus on tailoring its offerings for women.

This event is organized in partnership with Global Banking Alliance for Women (GBA).

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