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Members Only Webinar - Trends in Blockchain: Driving the Growth of SME Finance

18 November 2020
8 : 00
9 : 15
Blockchain representations a world sphere with currency signs

By invitation only

Blockchain is no longer just about Bitcoin. With the rapid development of enterprise-grade solutions, we're witnessing a proliferation of blockchain use cases in the banking industry. In this webinar, we will look at industry-leading technologies supported by Standard Chartered, Goldman Sachs and Tencent. Outstanding speakers will share their in-depth insights into how blockchain can help financial institutions and other partners reduce costs, mitigate risks, automate workflows and drive the growth of SMEs. 
What you will learn 
The objective of the session is to understand how blockchain has transformed SME finance. Key questions to address:
• What technological changes and innovations are emerging in blockchain solutions?
• How is the technology impacting SME finance? In particular, in supply chain finance, payment and credit?
• What are the technological and regulatory changes in the blockchain sector over the past decade? What lies in the future?
• How banks and other financial institutions and fintech can work together to lower the entry barrier of blockchain-based applications? What are the obstacles impeding the formation of partnerships? How to remove these roadblocks?
Matthew Gamser, CEO, SME Finance Forum
About the Moderator
Lechi Zhang is a consultant at the SME Finance Forum of IFC. He has extensive experience assisting various fintech and blockchain companies in devising their business strategies. Prior to IFC, Lechi worked briefly in investment banking and private equity. He holds a Master's degree in Financial Policy from Cornell University and has acquired certified skills of developing blockchain network from IBM.
About the Speakers
Ivy Luu is the Director of Liquidity Management Solutions at nanopay Corporation. Ivy is currently leading the development of a real-time cash and liquidity management product for banks and their business clients, and is a leading expert in the areas of treasury products, cash management and real-time liquidity. She is a Certified Treasury Professional and former VP in Treasury & Trade Solutions at Citibank, Ivy Luu has accumulated nearly two decades of payment and treasury experience.
Dengfeng Zhang is the Assistant President of Linklogis, a leading fin-tech company based in Shenzhen. He is currently responsible for product development and innovations at Linklogis. Dengfeng Zhang has extensive academic and practical experience in supply chain management and finance. He got his PhD degree in business administration from the University of Iowa. Prior to joining Linklogis, a leading fin-tech company based in Shenzhen, he worked for PingAn bank, where he led the development of online supply chain financing products. He is currently the assistant president of Linklogis, responsible for product development and innovations.
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