Revitalization of SMEs Becomes Investree’s Keyword in Holding Investree Conference 2021, Supporting Fast and Resilient Economic Recovery

Revitalization of SMEs Becomes Investree’s Keyword in Holding Investree Conference 2021, Supporting Fast and Resilient Economic Recovery

December 6th, 2021 - Successfully holding the Investree Conference (i-Con) for 2 (two) years with the main topics being the empowerment of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and economic recovery through collaboration in the digital financial ecosystem. This year, fintech lending pioneer Investree will again hold i-Con 2021 with “Revitalizing SMEs to Support Faster and Resilient Economic Recovery” as the theme. This event will be held for 1 (one) day virtually on Thursday, 9 December 2021 at 08.30-17.00 WIB via Investree's Zoom and Youtube channels. Presenting well-known local and international speakers consisting of regulators, borrowers, institutional lenders, banking, procurement, and other Investree digital ecosystem partners, i-Con 2021 focuses on revitalizing SME businesses during the pandemic through the collaboration of the digital financial ecosystem and other innovative economic recovery efforts. i-Con 2021 is part of the 2021 National Fintech Month celebration initiated by the Indonesian Fintech Association (AFTECH).

Similar to the previous year where Investree was wary about the pandemic condition in Indonesia and globally, i-Con 2021 will be held virtually/online. The moderators and speakers will go live from their respective locations. “Revitalization” or “regrowth” are Investree’s keywords in helping the recovery and strengthening of SMEs during the Covid-19 pandemic through the optimization of collaboration and synergy in the digital financial ecosystem, so that the assistance and support received by SME owners are maximized and full of benefits. The keyword choice of “revitalization” is the continuation of last year’s theme which emphasized “acceleration” or “speeding up”. Last year, i-Con 2020 took place after the pandemic, and the discussion focused on accelerating the economic recovery of SMEs affected by Covid-19.

Co-Founder & CEO Investree, Adrian Gunadi, said: “Covid-19 directly impacts the livelihoods of Indonesian people. The SME sector is one of the most affected, although SME owners contribute significantly towards the national economy. They also face common problems that prevent them from growing, such as inconsistent financial reporting and the inability to access credit from banks. With this condition, the SME sector faced a difficult period, resulting in decreased sales, capital constraints, logistics issues, and the threat of default. To encourage revitalization efforts for business owners, we invite SME owners, the financial industry and the general public to virtually attend Investree Conference (i-Con) 2021 to show how the revitalization and resilience of SMEs is the key to reviving the country's economy. In line with Investree's 6th-anniversary campaign, #GrowStron6er, Investree is committed to helping SMEs raise and grow more solidly by bringing together experts, partners and customers from various sectors."

i-Con 2021 will hold 8 (eight) engaging sessions* with relevant discussions on the latest trends in the digital finance industry:

  1. The first session is “Innovative SME Financing through Fintech Collaboration”, discussing digital collaboration opportunities to increase access to financing for SMEs with, OY! Indonesia, Investree, and PT Sinar Purnama Teknik.
  2. The second session is “Digitalization of SMEs to Scale Up Business”, discussing the role of digitization in the growth of logistics and supply chain entrepreneurs with the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, wifkain,, and Kargo Technologies.
  3. The third session is "The Impact of Financial Support for Ultra Micro Business", discussing the impact of financial support by fintech for ultramicro entrepreneurs with the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, GMO Payment Gateway, Gayatri Microfinance, and
  4. The fourth session is “The Adoption of Innovative Credit Scoring through Artificial Intelligence to Expedite Financial Inclusion”, discussing maximizing innovative credit scoring services to increase financial inclusion with Pefindo Credit Bureau IdScore, AIForesee, Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF), and Bank Raya.
  5. The fifth session is “The Role of Sharia Fintech Solution During Pandemic”, discussing the potential and alternative solutions offered by sharia fintech in developing the economy with the Indonesian Sharia Fintech Association (AFSI), Investree Syariah, HIJUP, and Scarf Media.
  6. The sixth session is “How Fintech Innovation Creates Resilient ASEAN SMEs During Global Pandemic”, capturing the development of Investree Regional businesses in Thailand and the Philippines and their contribution in creating highly resilient SMEs there with Investree Thailand, Investree Philippines, LGUSuite, Inc., and Central Pattana.
  7. The seventh session is “Boosting Economic Recovery Through E-Procurement Innovation & Opportunities”, discussing the benefits of electronic procurement and its transformation with the Government Goods/Services Procurement Policy Institute (LKPP), PT Indosopha Sakti, Mbiz, and Garuda Financial.
  8. The last session is “Digital Disruptor Becomes Disrupted?”, discussing disruptive innovation and its application in the financial industry with BRI Ventures, Alami Sharia, and Bank Neo Commerce.


“It can be said that the discussion sessions in i-Con 2021 will discuss a lot of the issues that are relevant lately, including the digitalization of SMEs to improve business, advantages of alternative credit scoring and artificial intelligence (AI) for financial inclusion, regional expansion, sharia finance, to the trend of digital banking. All of this is to support the growth of SMEs and empower them after the pandemic. I hope that oi-Con 2021 can become a platform for stakeholders and the general public to obtain new perspectives and broader knowledge about fintech lending, its role for SMEs, and of course to encourage revitalization or national economic recovery in 2022,” said Adrian full of hope. i-Con 2021 plans to feature a keynote address from Investree's Co-Founder & CEO, Adrian Gunadi; the Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Micro Enterprises, Teten Masduki; and the Chief Executive of the Non-Bank Financial Industry Supervisor and concurrently Member of the Board of Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Riswinandi. i-Con 2021 will also feature entertainment from Angga Puradiredja (Maliq & d'Essentials).

i-Con 2021 is also expected to be attended by 1000 online invited guests, 31 local and international session speakers, 2 professional moderators and 6 Investree team members, along with fellow local, regional and international journalists. This event is open to the public and free of charge. The public can register to watch each session of the 2021 Investree Conference via the link

*) List of moderators and speakers is attached to the Event Agenda.


About Investree

Investree is a fintech lending company that has obtained the Business License for Information Technology-Based Lending and Borrowing Service Providers from the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Our mission is to optimize data and technology to provide easier, more accessible funding for SMEs and connect them to lenders that want to help and obtain an attractive profit. Through collaborations with strategic partners in the digital and financial ecosystem, and the innovation of products and funding services, Investree is committed to continuously provide digital business solutions for SMEs. Investree is based in Indonesia, and has expanded to Thailand and the Philippines.

Until October 2021, Investree has successfully recorded a total loan facility of Rp 13 trillion and disbursed Rp 8.5 trillion in loans, with an average return rate of 16.5% p.a. and average TKB90 of 99.43%. Investree was awarded as “Best Fintech of the Year” by The Asset Magazine, “Best P2P Lending Platform for SMEs” by The Asian Banker, and “30 Most Promising Growth-Stage Startups” by Forbes Indonesia.

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About Investree Conference

Investree Conference (i-Con) is an annual event held by Investree since 2019. This event is a platform to gain inspiration and knowledge around fintech and its ecosystem in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Through this event, Investree presents inspirational figures from entrepreneurs, experts, and stakeholders in the fintech industry. Every year, i-Con raises relevant themes around fintech and the growth of the SME sector. These themes are in line with Investree's commitment to support the empowerment of SMEs through easy, fast and affordable access to financing and other integrated digital business solutions.


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