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SME Finance Virtual Marketplace - 2022 August Monthly Session

03 August 2022
8 : 00
9 : 00
Handshake with sign SME Finance Marketplace August session with Members on August 3rd, 2022

The “SME Finance Virtual Marketplace” is an online match-making platform that promotes partnership and collaboration between members of the SME Finance Forum, especially financial institutions, fintech companies and development finance institutions/ investors. The virtual Marketplace is powered by GlobalLinker, an AI powered ‘Digital Ecosystem’ offering SMEs a range of services to build digital presence including e-commerce. 


How does the Marketplace operate?

To participate in the marketplace, each institution must have:

  • An institutional profile (company profile and products/services offering)
  • A personal profile (individuals representing the companies)

Individuals on the Marketplace can explore products and services available (investment products, advisory services, technology solutions...etc. ) and reach out to one another to discuss potential collaboration and partnership.

To learn how to set up a company profile, a listing and an individual profile, please read the User Manual in this link.
Feel free to let us know should you have any questions or need any assistance to smefinanceforum@ifc.org. 

August Marketplace Session

This live marketplace session, scheduled on Wednesday, August 3rd from 8 am - 9 am EDT, will feature a series of members, who will present their products/services.
Following the presentations, participants will have the opportunities to reach out directly to the presenting fintech to make inquiries or explore partnership opportunities based on their interests. 

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Where Traditional Sources not Available, Alternative Data will Provide Insights, Creditinfo working to make Unique, Independent and Secure Information Available to Improve Global Trade.

European Association of Guarantee Institutions, abbreviation derives from the French name Association Européenne de CautionneMent. Mission: Political representation, Organization of the exchange of good practices and Promotion of the guarantee instrument.

Demyst provides a user friendly platform that helps clients discover and deploy curated external data.

WeBank became China's first digital bank in December 2014 upon receiving its banking license. It offers underbanked individuals and SMEs a variety of convenient and high-quality financial services.



Katrin Sturm has joined AECM, the European Association of Guarantee Institutions which has 47 members from 30 countries in Europe, as Secretary General in November 2013. She has been working in Brussels since May 2001 having worked for several business and banking associations. She graduated from the University of Passau (Germany) in Law taking part in an ERASMUS exchange program with the University of Angers (France), then passed the second state exam in law in Potsdam (Germany), and finally acquired a Master of Law from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) taking part in an exchange program with the University of Cape Town (South Africa). Katrin, a German national, is a qualified bank clerk, Honorary Consultant of Taiwan SMEG and a member of the World Bank Task Force on greening credit guarantee schemes.  She is married and has three children. 

Burak Kilicoglu is the Director for Global Markets at Creditinfo Group. He has over 23 years of credit risk management experience, working with international clients in the US, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  He is passionate about discussing the ever-changing credit risk challenges organizations are facing and finding solutions in a collaborative way; be it digitalization, collections or COVID’s impact. Burak has worked for various positions at Experian, Bank of America, Discover Card, Transamerica and Whirlpool Financial Corporation and has in-depth knowledge of the full credit cycle, from acquisition to collections. 

Prashant P. Reddy, Head of Data Advisory for Demyst. Prashant has 8+ years of experience working with tier-1 and tier-2 clients, leading data-driven workflow transformations. He has also led the due diligence and onboarding of 100s of data products into the Demyst Platform. Prior to joining Demyst, Prashant worked as investment banker at Morgan Stanley where he structured and executed debt transactions for public sector clients. Prashant holds a Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in International Finance and Economic Policy from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Gaurav Chaudhari is Head of Technology Collaborations at WeBank’s Collaborative Business Unit.  His role at WeBank is focused around helping industry partners develop new collaborative business ecosystems utilizing WeBank's open​ platform (ABCD) technologies AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and Big Data. Currently, Gaurav and his team are working on developing sustainability solutions to help organizations attain their ESG goals and drive social responsibility initiatives through collaborations with Green SMEs, and Environmental & Social Service Agencies by utilizing leading-edge collaborative technologies. 


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Core Features & Capabilities of the SME Finance Marketplace
To learn how to set up a company profile, a listing and an individual profile, please read the User Manual in this link.


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