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Training Session 5 - Supply Chain Finance Innovation

23 March 2021
8 : 00
9 : 30
Training Session 5 - Supply Chain Finance Innovation
Supply Chain Finance (SCF) is an effective solution to extend access to finance to small businesses by developing a technology-driven low-risk product aimed to channel liquidity to the strategically important value chains. Automated supply chain finance programs enable FIs to better assess, measure and manage risks of extending finance to SMEs thorough the transparency of the full value chain, and visibility of the commercial and financial relationships among the parties. In addition, credit and payment risk is decreased by shifting the focus from FI-SME relationship to a tri-party FI-anchor-SME relationship, hence leveraging the trade and payment between larger anchor and SME supplier / distributor. Supply Chain Finance has a strong potential to close the finance gap in developing countries, which per IFC estimates can reach up to ~20% of the total finance gap, i.e. over $1 trillion.
To extend awareness and increase knowledge about SCF in the countries of its operations, the International Finance Corporation, together with the SME Finance Forum, is organizing a training series, covering major areas important for building successful SCF programs for financial institutions, for six weeks on Tuesdays from 8 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. EST.
This is a regional event for Middle East and Africa members and IFC clients. Participants who attend the 6-week program will be issued a “certificate of attendance”.  Read about the program here.
Session 5. SCF Technology Platforms 
The fifth webinar in our series on supply chain finance is dedicated to platforms specifically. During this session we will take a deep dive into the SCF Platforms. This includes describing the typology and functionality of SCF platforms (Saas, licensed, internally developed, cloud, on-premises, etc.), the selection and RFP process as well as key considerations in selecting SCF technology partner.
  1. Building blocks of SCF for Fis
  2. Outsource or DIY – Pros and Cons
  3. Technology solutions options in the market 
  4. Key considerations selecting an SCF technology partner
  5. Analytics (Big Data and AI)
  6. Typical RfP Process for SCF technology partner selection
  7. Process going forward
Learning Goals
At the end of today you will be able to:
  • Explain the need for technology as part of SCF
  • Explain the implications of the technology choices on the business case for both corporate and bank
  • Describe the key trends in analytics and its applicability in SCF
  • Explain the key steps in the selection of the SCF technology provider

Steven van der Hooft is the founder and CEO of Capital Chains (2015), a Dutch company specialising in consultancy and training on end-to-end working capital optimisation and financial supply chain management issues. Steven finished his Master’s degree in International Economics and Finance at Tilburg University (NL) and gained his experience in financial supply chain management through (consulting) roles at ING, Capgemini Consulting and Inchainge. Steven has nearly 15 years of working expertise in the area of supply chain finance and has been involved in the setup and roll out of working capital projects around the world. His current focus is on Supply Chain Finance (SCF) program design and implementation for both corporates and (non-bank) Financial Institutions. Recent projects include the introduction of FCIreverse, SCF implementation for SABIC, implementation of an SCF solution for Afreximbank, as well as many projects with IFC around the introduction and vendor selection for SCF solutions with regional banks in emerging countries. He is a regular speaker and moderator at conferences on Supply Chain Finance such as: SCFC Forum, BCR conferences, GTR and FCI. Steven is a father of three (young) sons and enjoys cooking and spending quality time with family and friends. He is also a sports fanatic with a long history in training and coaching field hockey.

Upcoming Session to register
Session #6 Application of tech in SCF Lifecycle => http://bit.ly/SCF-Mar30
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