Video: Member Diamond Bank Provides Insight During Women’s World Banking Digital Financial Services Workshop

Last year, SME Finance Forum member Diamond Bank, among others, partnered with Women’s World Banking to solve the issue regarding lack of inclusion of low-income women into the financial system. This year, Women’s World Banking hosted a digital financial services workshop, showcasing best practices in creating products with women in mind and maximizing digital technology to service low-income women.

In the video, financial service providers share key challenges and insight regarding this issue, including SME Finance Forum member, Diamond Bank.

Nneka Umeh, Head, Diamond Y’ello Proposition for Diamond Bank said, “There are language barriers, there are social values and of course religious values. You need to align these values to the solution you’re providing, for you to actually get the results you want.”

One takeaway financial service providers learned during the workshop was, there is no “silver bullet,” you have to give women the opportunity to learn.