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Digital and Embedded Finance Innovation Hub - [Solutions Clinic]

10 July 2024
8 : 00
9 : 00
Digital and Embedded Finance Innovation Hub - [Solutions Clinic]

The transition from Communities of Practice to Innovation Hubs marks a shift from sharing best practices to actively fostering their adoption.

Key highlights include:

  • Evolution to Innovation Hubs: Moving beyond best practice sharing towards fostering innovation.
  • Focus on Adoption: Transitioning from webinars to Solutions Clinics to address specific challenges faced by members.
  • Collaborative Model: Involving not just IFC experts but also member institutions, partners, and experts from other MDBs.
  • Technology Integration: Introducing dynamic exchanges and curated content.
  • Pilot Programs: Launching pilot initiatives to experiment with new ideas and involve stakeholders in their design and execution.
  • Streamlined Roles: Rationalizing community roles to around key positions for better efficiency, collaboration, and inclusivity in innovation efforts.

During this Solutions Clinic, we will work on challenges submitted by participants in advance of the session. We will focus on one specific topic within the the top digital trends shaping the future of MSMEs in the digital era (Digital payments, E-commerce, E-invoicing, Digital SME business tools, Alternative data, Digital/Neo Banks).

This clinic is an exclusive member-only event, tailored to address challenges proposed by participants within the Forum.

If you have Digital and Embedded Finance Challenges that you want to work through at the solutions clinic, please send them to mchataing@ifc.org

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