Fyndoo Partners with de Volksbank to accelerate financing to Entrepreneurs

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Fyndoo by our member Topicus has partnered with de Volksbank to accelerate financing to the self-employed and entreprenuers. This partnership enables complete digitization of loan applications and loan processing. Entrepreneurs can now obtain financing with 5 working days upon completion of all documentation. 

“With Fyndoo Lending we offer financers a solution to grant a wide spectrum of corporate financing, both online as well as through intermediaries or the traditional bank branch, or even mixed. Our belief in this is that technology leads to efficient processing for applications within the policy framework. This same technology at the same time should provide room for human assessment should the situation so require. We have designed Fyndoo so that the process adjusts itself to the client, his or her financing request and the financing purpose. De Volksbank actually used those possibilities. Due to this solution clients of de Volksbank receive an instant quotation, also for financing real-estate” said Jamie Burink, Head of Business Lending at Fyndoo

“Our mission, Banking with a human dimension, translates itself for our corporate financing towards more simplified and transparent products with personal attention. In Fyndoo we have found a partner to show these principles in the application process. With this digital solution we increase our effectiveness to offer entrepreneurs and self-employed persons faster, also for financing corporate real-estate. In this way we actively act upon the need of entrepreneurs and provide them in the future with fast access to cash resources to make them do what they excel at: entrepreneurship.” said Dennis Karacan, product owner corporate financing at de Volksbank.

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