Industry events

Industry events

KODIT Global Forum on SME Finance

12 May 2016
9 : 00
18 : 00
( GMT +00:00 )
KODIT Global Forum on SME Finance

KODIT, Korea Credit Guarantee Fund, will hold the global forum on 12 May 2016 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its foundation and listen to the precious ideas for growing into one of the most influential SME finance institutions around the world.

The forum is gathering world-renowned panelists from each continent and professionals of SME finance from home and abroad. They will share their experiences and ideas about many kinds of finances to SMEs including Credit Guarantee Scheme (CGS).

The theme is “Measuring Public Benefits of Credit Guarantee Scheme and Enhancing SME Finance.”

The forum consists of 2 sessions. Topics of each session will cover;

(Session I) How to assess the effectiveness of public CGS and its long-term competitiveness. This session will give public CGSs across the globe the ideas of developing and sharing the persuasive rationale to harmonize with market-based SME finance for their sustainability.

(Session II) SME finances in advanced economies: Present and paradigm shift to the next.

Ideas and experiences in this session will be worth sharing and spreading to promote new financial support tools which substantially back SMEs to survive in this fast changing global economy.

To know more about the forum, contact us by email and phone +82 53 430 4174-7.