SME Finance Forum Member Services for 2023

SME Finance Forum Member Services for 2023
The SME Finance Forum membership network consists of more than 240 member institutions active in 190 countries. The network is a unique community of SME-oriented commercial banks, non-bank financial institutions, fintech companies, and development finance institutions.

Members are entitled to a wide range of benefits, including:

Virtual Events

Three virtual events per month where members are invited to participate either as speakers to share their relevant experiences or as attendees:

  • One webinar on key topics related to inclusive finance, sustainable finance, supply chain finance, agrifinance, digital transformation and ecosystem, and data, risk and regulation.
  • One community of practice (CoP) meeting: these are solutions clinics or technical presentations on aspects of best practice in the areas of Risk Management, Women’s Entrepreneurship Finance, AgriFinance, Green Finance and Development Finance Institutions.
  • One “SME Finance Marketplace” session: these are virtual networking sessions at which banks, fintechs, DFIs and NBFIs present their cutting edge and impactful innovation.

In-Person Events 

  • The Global SME Finance Forum 2023, our annual flagship event, will be held in-person on 12-14 September 2023 in Mumbai, India. The theme of this year’s conference will focus on “Building Digital Ecosystems and the future of SME finance”. This three-day conference is the world’s largest and most high-level event on SME Finance. Members can attend the conference for free.
  • The 6th Annual Global SME Finance Awards program will be launched mid-March 2023 to recognize institutions with the most successful and impactful innovations. The winners will be announced during the Global conference in Mumbai.
  • An annual Immersion Program will be organized on March 22-23 to DBS Bank and Tyme Bank, the leading digital financial institutions which are at the forefront of leveraging digital technology to serve MSMEs. 

Leadership Opportunities 

Members have numerous opportunities to take a leadership role in the SME finance community either by:

  • Participating in the SME Finance Awards 2023, contributing case studies on innovative financial products and services beyond credit to our G20 database and/or serving as a thought leader for one of our 6 cross-cutting themes.
  • Taking an active role in one of our CoPs:

    • SME Finance Forum DFI CoP, a unique community of SME professionals at international and domestic development finance institutions. This CoP will seek to coordinate initiatives and share best practices in SME finance development.
    • SME Green Finance CoP, a newly launched community of industry professionals and IFC experts committed to sharing best practices in the emerging field of green finance for SMEs.
    • Women Entrepreneurs Finance CoP, a community of practice bringing together gender-focused initiatives from the commercial banking and development banking fields.
    • Risk Management CoP, a community of risk management professionals from member institutions.
    • Agrifinance CoP, a group of experts and practitioners who discuss and document recent innovations in the sector. 

Networking and introductions

  • Members may approach their SME Finance Forum relationship manager at any time, to request an introduction to any other SME Finance Forum member, either a fintech, commercial bank or development finance institution.
  • We hold numerous networking events, both virtual and physical, where members can connect and explore partnership opportunities. An important focus of our mission is to enable partnership and collaboration between our members and key stakeholders.

Marketing and Communications 

  • Through our extensive social media channels, the SME Finance Forum team publicizes and promotes members’ relevant publications, including launches of new initiatives and best practices at members’ request.

Other Benefits

  • The SME Finance Forum supports G20 GPFI and APEC in organizing virtual workshops where members with relevant expertise and experience will be offered opportunities to participate as speakers. 
  • Members of the SME Finance Forum interested in attending events organized by partner institutions including Fintech Nexus, LendIt, Money2020 and Finovate are eligible for discounted tickets.