Industry events

Industry events

SME Sustainability & Growth Conference

27 June 2018
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8 : 00
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Lagos, Nigeria
SME Sustainability & Growth Conference

The SME Sustainability & Growth Conference is aimed at facilitating a much needed conversation between government and solution providers in banking, development finance, business consultants, and SMEs, to foster collaboration and growth.

The event will provide an opportunity for

  • Engagement between policy-makers and SMEs on challenges and required interventions
  • Development Finance Institutions to enlighten SMEs on accessing their financing windows
  • Development Partners & Consulting firms to train SMEs on formalization and sustainable business practices that enhance survival and growth
  • Investors and donors to publicize capital funding and grand opportunities to SMEs
  • Commercial Financial Institutions to showcase affordable financial services to SMEs

Attendance is FREE but pre-event registration is required. For more information, send TACT an email at Or call 0812 551 8612.