Co-hosted event

Co-hosted event

2024 Asia Grassroots Forum - Hosted by Member Amartha

21 - 22 May 2024
8 : 00
19 : 00
2024 Asia Grassroots Forum - Hosted by Member Amartha

We are partnering with our member Amartha to bring you the 2024 Asia Grassroots Forum which will be held on 21-22 May 2024 at the Park Hyatt in Jakarta, Indonesia.

As a 'Though Partner", the Forum is helping build the agenda and bring relevant speakers.

The event will focus on unleashing opportunities in the Southeast Asian grassroots economy through entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation.

The 2024 Forum is organized to harness the transformative power of grassroots empowerment initiatives. Recognizing the pivotal role of inclusive efforts in addressing microfinance access for women-led MSMEs. The event serves as a global platform for collaboration and shared learnings. By amplifying diverse voices, fostering cross-cultural exchanges, and inspiring innovative solutions, the conference aims to champion grassroots empowerment as a force for positive international change. It brings together individuals, organizations, and policymakers to collectively pave the way for a more empowered and resilient global community.
The gathering anticipates the physical presence of >200 participants, complemented by the virtual engagement of an additional 1,000 attentees.
Guests will comprise investors, financial regulators, financial industries, academics, ESG/Sustainable financiers, grassroots empowerment-focused startups, and other MSMEs finance thought leaders in Asia and Southeast Asia.
The comprehensive agenda encompasses
MAY 21st
  • Six pivotal panel discussions:

    • Panel 1 - Driving Inclusive Growth in ASEAN Grassroots Economy
    • Panel 2 - Enabling Small Businesses to Power a Prosperous, Resilient Economy
    • Panel 3 - Creating Value by Scaling Impact
    • Panel 4 - How Access to Financial Services can Transform Women’s Lives
    • Panel 5 - Entrepreneurship Drives Economic Transformation in Emerging Markets
    • Panel 6 - The High Value of Base of the Pyramid Markets
  • Three strategic roundtable discussion:

    • Round 1 - How Can Southeast Asia Harness Innovation and Seize Its MSME Opportunities?
    • Round 2 - ASEAN is on the Cusp of Fulfilling Its Long-Held Promise?
    • Round 3 - How Digitization is Making ASEAN an Engine of Growth?

MAY 22nd

  • A-half-day field trip designed to foster connections with microentrepreneurs and key contributors to the grassroots economy.
If you are interested in joining online, please reach out to 
More About Amartha
Amartha is an Indonesian digital microfinance provider founded in 2010. To date, Amartha has disbursed  more than 1,1 billion US Dollars (IDR 16 trillion) of working capital to support over 2.1 million women  who operate micro businesses throughout 55,000 villages across Indonesia archipelago. Amartha is an IFC client, and a member of the SME Finance Forum since February 2022. MORE INFORMATION

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