Carmen Smith

Carmen M. Smith edits and manages digital content for the SME Finance Forum. She brings in a wealth of expertise managing communications projects for international community and economic development organizations. Prior to joining the Forum, Carmen was an award-winning editor for several magazines centered around economic development and women’s entrepreneurship. She also has been a lead graphic designer for national e-commerce brands. Carmen holds a bachelor’s from Bennett College and a master’s from the University of King’s College and Dalhousie University’s journalism and business dual program.

Member Engagement Awards 2017

Dec 01, 2017
Member Engagement Awards 2017

The SME Finance Forum recognized 10 of its 134 member organizations on November 2 at our annual gathering in Berlin. The first Membership Engagement Awards recognized members that have strengthened its global network in three categories: 1. Best Contributor, 2. Best Participant and 3. Best Partnership.

The recipients were:

Best Contributor

Best Participant

Best Partnership













The Best Contributor category recognized members for their work with the advisory board, sponsoring events, bringing in new members, serving as webinar speakers, hosting study tours and providing research and publications to the global network.

The member organizations named Best Participant, received the award for their participation in SME Finance Forum events (including exhibition booths), webinars, study tours and B2B marketplace. The three winners are also rewarded for being frequent users of our members only Mobile App

The Best Partnership category awarded members that fostered business development opportunities among members such as matchmaking and partnerships.

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