Rapid Assessment of Business Needs by Niger Business Angels Network

Rapid Assessment of Business Needs by Niger Business Angels Network

This evaluation report highlights an exhaustive situation of what Nigerien businesses are going through in general and more particularly those grouped within "emerging women" in particular since the COVID-19 was declared in late March in Niger. It is a real question of survival that is played out for these companies confronted as highlighted by the report to a drop in production and sales linked to a problem of access to raw materials, packaging, and the layoff of technical workers. The aggravating problems are the breakdown of the supply and distribution chain as Niger depends mainly on the import of goods from China, Nigeria, and the seaports of neighboring countries. The problems are also financial because our young SMEs do not seem to be taken into account in the support measures announced by the government. Motivation and family solidarity were key to the resilience of women entrepreneurs.

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Author's Bio
Ms. Kader Rayanatou Laouli holds a Master's degree in International Development with a focus on program evaluation and also a Bachelor in Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

About NeBAN

Niger Business Angels Network (NeBAN) is a Niger based association registered with the Ministry of Interior and operates under authorization n ° 562 / MISPD / ACR / DGAPJ / DLP of August 21st, 2017. NeBAN is a network of people actively promoting responsible philanthropy.  It promotes initiatives that further economic and social inclusion in business, particularly during the startup and scaling up business phases.

Niger Business Angels Network global objective is "to support the government's efforts in implementing the national financial inclusion strategy through training, support, and structuring of disadvantaged groups." As such, NeBAN has the following specific objectives:

-To promote economic and social inclusion among the public, the private sector, institutions and agencies supporting social innovators and entrepreneurs;
- To support beneficiaries through financial education, mentoring and networking;
- To represent Business Angels at local, regional, national and international levels.

Yazi Adamou the President of NeBAN serves as the Niger High Commission for World Business Angels Forum WBAF.

Past performances and team

In 2019, we were recipients of a US $ 38,255 grant from the United States Embassy in Niger to build the capacity of women entrepreneurs. The group is built on a previous year program with women entrepreneurs. The activities were designed around the main objective of the project which is: "Breaking barriers, linking leaders: helping Niger’s women professionals advance." Activities included workshops, monthly meetings, Shark Tank competition, visits to women-led companies, peer-to-peer lending, and video conferences with American and African entrepreneurs. This is supported by ongoing coaching, mentoring, and discussions through WhatsApp. 97 women were the direct beneficiaries of the project so far. Our beneficiaries are influencing more than 1600 in all the 8 regions of Niger.


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