The WASH loans of Sidian Bank in Kenya: Bringing clean water within reach.

Little kid drinking water

Sidian Bank provides a range of financial products and services that support the growth of micro, small and medium-sized businesses in Kenya. With this focus, the bank plays a crucial role in boosting entrepreneurship, creating jobs, and building a strong local economy. In 2021, Sidian Bank received a USD 10 million loan from Triodos Microfinance Fund and Triodos Fair Share Fund to expand its loan portfolio. 

Not every country has a central water supply. In many parts of Africa and Asia, people have to dig wells, and millions of women and girls carry water many kilometers every day. In Kamaguga, near Nairobi, three women and a man decided in 1974 to build their own infrastructure to provide the community with clean water.  

Three water sources were tapped to provide drinking water for 900 members and their families. This means that around 10,000 people no longer have to leave their homes to collect clean water. They pay 200 Kenyan shillings (EUR 1.60) starting rate and 60 shillings (EUR 0.48) per thousand liters. 

The Kamuguga Water Project is pleased that Sidian Bank has supported the community since 2021 with a WASH loan: a loan for water, sanitation, and hygiene.  As a result, they have been able to tap a third water source, which supplies 6,500 liters of water per hour. 

By offering WASH loans, Sidian Bank shows that financial inclusion – access to an affordable range of financial services – also plays a crucial role in addressing other pressing issues, such as access to clean water and sanitation.  


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