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Our events

Agrifinance Innovation Hub - [Solutions Clinic]

12 June 2024
8 : 00
9 : 30
Agrifinance Innovation Hub - [Solutions Clinic]


The SME Agrifinance Innovation Hub will be holding its first Solutions Clinic at 8.00am EST on Wednesday June 12.

Our solutions clinics are member-only interactive, roundtable-style events, in which we crowd-in expertise from across the SMEFF membership to answer questions from members of the innovation hub.

The clinic will cover “Choosing Pathways to Digitize Agrifinance”.

There is more than one way to digitize Agrifinance – the right pathway for each lender depends on the national and regional context. The clinic will discuss how to choose between different digitization pathways in Agrifinance, looking at questions including:

  • What are the most important digital solutions that can transform internal processes to expand lending to agriculture?
  • What are the key considerations for an FI to engage with a digital platform?
  • How much can an FI outsource to a platform when it comes to lending to agriculture?
  • What are the main risks an FI faces in engaging with a digital platform?

We will have a great team of discussants, including:

  • Niki Neumann – Head of Agrifinance Platforms, Standard Bank Group
  • Manessah Alegbaoso – Head of Business Ecosystems and Sustainability, Standard Bank Group
  • Onur Terzi – Senior Manager, Agricultural Banking, TEB
  • Miguel Fernandez – CEO, Banhcafe
  • Sanjib Kumar Dey – Head of SME and Agri, MTBL
  • Theodros Tadios - Manager Market Intelligence & Product Development, Awash Bank

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