Industry Event: Speaking Role

Industry Event: Speaking Role

FCI 55th Annual Meeting

29 October - 02 November 2023
9 : 00
18 : 00
Marrakech | Morocco
FCI 55th Annual Meeting

FCI will be heading to Marrakech, Morocco for the 55th Annual Meeting. This Meeting will provide the latest developments on a range of topics including Supply Chain Finance, Receivables Finance, Factoring and so much more.

The Annual Meeting is a great opportunity to network and discuss current issues within the Factoring and Receivables Finance Industry. The Meeting will feature insightful presentations by international industry pioneers, in-depth panel discussions on a range of topics by leading industry professionals, and global and regional statistic updates. In addition, the Meeting is well known for its plentiful networking opportunities, and Marrakech will provide a backdrop for all of these networking sessions while providing some incredible sightseeing.

The SME Finance Forum is an institutionnal partner for that event and offers Members of the SME Finance Forum a discount access.

Qamar Saleem, CEO of the SME Finance Forum, will be launching the IFC Regulatory Guide during the event.

The Knowledge Guide on Factoring regulation and Supervision is an in-depth Guide of the factoring industry from a regulatory perspective, but also sewing in the practical aspects and challenges that the industry faces globally. This document will allow any central bank/regulator to glean from the Guide the most important elements when developing regulatory oversight concerning the factoring industry. 

He will also give a keynote address on the importance of trade and supply chain finance for SMEs

Other topics to be discussed include:

  • 2023 Year in Review
  • Factoring Model Law
  • Fraud prevention and the use of Artificial Intelligence
  • Receivables as an investable asset class (RIAC)
  • Development Bank guarantees supporting factoring
  • FCIreverse program: case studies
  • Edifactoring platform updates
  • International Factoring case studies
  • Impact from Greensill: Future invoices, Credit Insurance, Funds and the rise of Regulations
  • Rise of Receivables Exchanges and Market places
  • ESG and Green factoring
  • The future of the industry
  • FCI Awards Dinner: Best Deal and Factors of the Year

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About FCI
FCI is the Global Representative Body for Factoring and Financing of Open Account Domestic and International Trade Receivables. FCI was set up in 1968 as a non-profit global association. With today close to 400 member companies in more than 90 countries, FCI offers a unique network for cooperation in cross-border factoring. Member transactions represent nearly 60% of the world’s international correspondent factoring volume.
FCI is an SME Finance Forum Industry Partner.
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