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Women’s Entrepreneurship Finance Community of Practice (CoP)

30 November 2022
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BUILDING RESILIENT W-MSME PORTFOLIO’s – Client Acquisition and Growth Strategies 


The objective of the Women Entrepreneurs Financing Community of Practice (CoP) is to effectively share knowledge and best practices, tools and innovative products to facilitate increased services to W-SMEs. To discuss and agree on how best to build a sustainable community of practice, we organized the first meeting on December 16th, 2020. Its purpose was to discuss and agree on priority areas of focus and how to best structure the CoP to serve members on how best to build a sustainable community to effectively share lessons learned on increasing financial services to W-SMEs.

During our next WEF CoP meeting, volunteers from ACLEDA Bank will share practical insights into their impressive programs and metrics for supporting W-SMEs. They will dive deep into their strategy and approach to sustaining their women’s market leadership.

In Cambodia, as with all economies, women-led businesses play a critical role. They generate income for vulnerable populations and promote economic growth and social stability.

ACLEDA, the largest lender in Cambodia focuses on providing responsible financial services to Women MSMEs–the Bank’s women borrowers account for 56% of total active borrowers. As market leaders ACLEDA sets market standards, including in innovative product development, business development, portfolio and risk management strategies. This has led to portfolio growth, increased market share and a significant impact on W-MSMEs, resulting in sustained profitability and efficiency of the bank, with low levels of NPL during these unprecedented times. More importantly, ACLEDA’s success has positively affected the entire Cambodian financial sector, making it more attractive for international investors.

During our next session, volunteers from ACLEDA will share practical insights into their impressive approaches and methodologies in supporting W-MSMEs. 


·       Share strategies and approaches in client acquisition and portfolio management.

·       Insights on business development, client retention and portfolio monitoring.

·       Collection and use of data.

·       Building and sustaining resiliency in unfavorable market conditions.

·       Facilitate participants' contribution in sharing unique experiences and solutions.


Phonnary SO - Senior Executive Vice President & Group Chief Operations Officer. Dr. So Phonnary holds a Doctorate of Business Administration and has worked with ACLEDA since August 18, 1993. As Senior Executive Vice President & Group Chief Operations Officer, she is a Bank's Executive Committee member. She is responsible for leading a group of operations that consists of six heads of divisions and one department including the Operations Division, Marketing Division, Product Development Division, Credit Sale Management Division, Financial Services Division, Strategic Planning Division, and Trade Finance Department. She is responsible for strategic planning and day-to-day business of the Bank, development and research for new bank products/services, and products/services sales growth planning and implementation. She is responsible for leading, monitoring, controlling and evaluating the Bank's daily business operations. Dr. Phonnary is the Chairwoman of the Portfolio Management Committee. She is a member of management's Assets & Liabilities Committee, Interest & Price Setting Committee, and Management Credit Committee. She is directly accountable to the President and Group Managing Director. She holds a Doctorate of Business Administration and is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD).
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